Where are the marchers?

Why aren’t they marching in the streets and disrupting traffic? How about protesting at the headquarters?

Making speeches?

I mean, when a young boy (3 years old) is shot in the back and paralyzed from the waist down……One would think that the protests would be loud and intense and very very large…..

Especially when the young boy is black.

Except it wasn’t a cop. It was a gang member. Shooting at the young man’s father. (who also appears to be a gang member of a rival gang)

Both the shooter and the father and the young man are black also.

But, because the shooters are not cops, the community ignores the shooting. No one is trying to do anything about the black violence when it is gang related. The Black community could do a lot to fix the gangs, most easily by shutting down the drug markets that fund them….all they have to do is have about 10% of those folks who march every time a black man is shot by a cop to show up with cameras and video recorders at the drug markets…..if there are enough of them, the gangs will leave….and the customers will too…. the next night, do it again. And again. And again.

The fact that no one cares about Devon Quinn shows the hollowness of the Black Lives Matter movement. The cheapness of their commitment.

How much of a life is young Devon gonna have? Does his life matter?

Or is BLM just really a politically driven DNC operative directed Anti-Cop movement?