They conveniently forget…..

So Paul O’Neil was shot and killed by a Chicago Police officer.  He got shot AFTER BEING CAUGHT DRIVING A STOLEN JAGUAR and TRYING TO RUN A ROADBLOCK.

Thing is, this didn’t happen to folks like my niece and nephew…they didn’t start the process by getting a bunch of police chasing them.

Perhaps once one officer used his pistol to try and stop Mr. O’Neil and the other police overreacted and used theirs just because one officer had….And it would seem that they shot him in the back (‘Twould seem that once they heard gunshots they just assumed that some had come from the fugitive Mr. O’Neil…so they assumed he was armed)

But the fact remains that Paul O’Neil started the whole business by stealing a car. Tens of Thousands of kids in Chicago and other areas didn’t do this. All those kids didn’t get in trouble They didn’t interact with the police in a negative way….they didn’t break the law….They didn’t boost a car, and drive it around. They didn’t run when confronted by a cop. They didn’t drive at cops at a roadblock with a 3000 pound vehicle.

The Press seems to forget that. They forget that the kid was, at the heart of it, a criminal…..All they can do is fan the flames when a black man is shot by cops…who was, apparently without a gun….unarmed? That depends on your definition.

But he wasn’t a choir boy….they seems to forget that.

Live by the sword……

2 thoughts on “They conveniently forget…..

  1. Unarmed? He was armed with a 3000 lb deadly weapon until he jumped out and ran. The cop that shot him arrived on the scene late and took up the foot chase. I can readily believe that he thought the perp was armed after hearing shots fired. An unfortunate confluence of events for the cops involved and the criminal. Don't try to evade arrest or fight the cops and you won't get shot.

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