Sunday Morning Propaganda

So Good Morning America (CBS) is running a morning propaganda campaign about guns. (Episode 213) Over an hour of slanted reports….From the US, from Australia (WTF???) all carefully crafted and rehearsed….

Of course, they pretend it is a reasonable, calm, discussion, but it is very well crafted to highlight the negatives….the terrible damage of handguns. The sinister, hidden dangers, etc. Biased doesn’t begin to describe it….

Using government controlled and licensed airwaves, to privately disseminate propaganda…..

And no one will state the truth: That there are two minority ethnic groups that perpetrate the majority of gun violence. In fact, there is one that is about 18% of the population that perpetrates nearly 70% of the violence. And that it is almost all in inner cities. 

But that isn’t relevant, now is it?