“some assembly required”

Lamp post, RINO lawmaker, rope.

Republican state Sen. Jonathan Perry of the Vermillion-Lafayette area, announced he is working on legislation that could require training, certificates and a permit fee to allow these volunteers to get past law enforcement into devastated areas. He said some were turned away.

He should be strung up, beaten, then kicked in the jimmies until he sees the light…..

He apparently ran as a “Small Government Republican”.

Bet he don’t get re-elected…

2 thoughts on ““some assembly required”

  1. Well, yes and no.
    As you know, police in devastated areas are aggressive in keeping non-residents away, in order to suppress looting. An official credential would identify the bearer as a card-carrying (Get it?) good guy and enable him to get in and do his rescue thing.
    Also, absent an effective Good-Samaritan law, any amateur rescuer is liable to being sued for damages, real or imagined, he inflicted during his rescue efforts. If you think someone who just lost everything they owned would be too grateful to sue his rescuer for money, you've been living on a different planet than I have.
    Some states indemnify Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers for just that reason.
    So I can see a reasonable justification for properly worded legislation to assist and protect volunteer rescuers. If it's just a fee system/money scam, then you're right. I'd like to read the bill before I make blanket assumptions.

  2. You COULD be right. But that is not how the stories I have read (one linked) were worded. You would be prohibited from helping unless you had been "trained" and "certified" by the appropriate authorities….
    If the authorities were decent, they'd have made sure the training was done already…and have a force to call on when the need arose.

    I used to be NSS cave rescue certified. But when we needed searchers, we took whomever volunteered. Until the Feds said we couldn't….. Their intent was CONTROL…not training, not certification.

    Many instances of this in the past. It isn't about training nor certification. It is about CONTROL of the people. "I'm in charge"….even though the person in charge may well not know anything about the subject…..But they are from the government…so in charge they are..

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