So where are the rest?

Taylor Swift donates 1 million dollars to flood relief for the folks in Baton Rouge. 

The general area is, of course, about 50% black….

So ONE white entertainer has donated some cash. I think that is good….It’d be nice to see more…

But where are all the black entertainers? The folks that, you know, make money off of black people…..

And, again, where is Black Lives Matter? If 10% of the folks who can march in support of a criminal who gets shot by a police officer would decide to donate his or her time to help clean up after the flood, that’d be a decent example, now wouldn’t it.

But they won’t, and the Entertainers won’t either…..Few white ones and I will bet ZERO black ones. At least they haven’t yet..

4 thoughts on “So where are the rest?

  1. Obama is suppose to make a trip to look like he cares next week. Probably blame Bush for the fiasco, then go golfing.

  2. Don't hold your breath waiting for Obammy to show up. The golf courses are flooded.

  3. They can all flock to our state when it's fun to protest and harass our police, but helping the people? Pretty much the only ones doing that now are those same police, many of whom still show up to work despite losing THEIR homes.

  4. Murph: apparently it is also the citizens themselves..

    Look up "Cajun Navy"…..

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