Question for those who need epinephrine:

And are all up in arms about the fact that Mylan raised the pricing of their EpiPen epinephrine dispensing device:

While I realize that using the “EpiPen” is easy for those incidents where you are having a reaction, really, the “EpiPen” is designed for use by untrained people in an emergency….which daily or weekly or even monthly usage is not.

Why not purchase (or have your doctor prescribe) much cheaper bottles of epinephrine and some syringes? If you need epinephrine more than once or twice a year, this is the method that you should be using anyway…..People used to do this before the EpiPen was invented….

The cost is about a factor of 15 or 20 times less than the “EpiPen”….and the product is the same, just a less simple delivery system.
Then you wouldn’t have to be all upset about the pricing on the “EpiPen”…Most of which you can blame on Obamacare…..But the Media didn’t bother to tell you that, either….

I will be gone all weekend, so don’t waste your time flaming me….I won’t respond anyway. Yes, I know you need your ‘pen. No, I am not a user of epinephrine….Yes, I am not a doctor. (Although I HAVE slept with a few….but not recently)..No, I have no idea how hard it is to be allergic to things…(and you have no idea what I am allergic to either) Yes, I am uncaring, ….No it doesn’t bother me………..You SHOULD be saving money, and if Obamacare or other insurance didn’t pay for it, and you had to pay for it yourself, you’d find cheaper solutions like the above… . You should be doing so anyway…Your DOCTOR should be telling you about these options….but he gets bribed encouraged to prescribe just one brand, and just one application device…Free market and all that.

And let’s face it….if you are that allergic to the world, or are that poor at controlling your exposures to things which can put you into anaphylaxis, then you shouldn’t leave the house at all….except maybe in a giant hamster ball….. or a moonsuit.

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  1. Problem is most doctors WILL NOT prescribe Epi in any other form than the pen. It's considered 'too dangerous'… sigh

  2. in this morning's paper [vindicator, youngstown, ohio]


    142$ at walmart or sam's club.

    this uses a different injector so you must learn how to use it and refresh your learning every 3 months.

    from a Consumer Reports article.

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