Tryin’ to understand here…

So do they WANT a race war?  (statistics are best I could find, but may not be perfectly accurate)

As it is, Black people (who are approximately 12.7% of the population) commit over 45% of the crime….and bitch because more black men are in prison than whites…..Black men are, by my math, 6% of the population of the US….

Blacks get 34% of the welfare dollars spent….(remember, 12.7% of the population)…Most of which is paid for by white folks. (SNAP is another matter, Can’t find decent verifiable statistics, but it appears that that 12% of the population gets over 35% of SNAP too)

In other words, Black people get a significantly higher percentage of handouts government assistance than any other segment of the US population….

So do these Black Lives Matter and other folks stirring the pot really think that they can get more for “their” people by making more trouble? Don’t they see the backlash that is growing? Do they really think that their causes will be better served when white people have had enough?

Make no mistake, I know many black people who I respect, who work hard just like my white friends….Who are decent people…Law abiding, classy, decent moral and just plain good folks. Their only difference from other of my friends is a bit more melanin and curlier hair….. They aren’t the ones having trouble with the cops, they aren’t the ones rioting and protesting and shit…(they have jobs and families and such that take up their time).

But these troublemakers…really, do they think that this shit is gonna make their perceived plight better? (not that their lives are all that bad…I mean, they have the same chance to make bad choices as the rest of us, they just make those bad choices when most of us decent folks choose not to….and they live better than the majority of people in other countries even in their “poverty” and despite the white man “Oppressing” them….)

Do they really think they are going to make the average white guy think better of them for this racial shit? Make Joe and Jane Whitebred trust black people more? Make them welcome them into their non integrated neighborhood? Want to have them in their towns?

Trust me, it won’t.

Yeah, I guess this proves I am racist to some folks….I think I am, instead, a realist.

3 thoughts on “Tryin’ to understand here…

  1. Look at it from their point of view. They may be 14 or 15% of the population but they mostly stay in groups or close associated areas where they end up being 75 – 90% or more of the local population. That alone makes em think they are more powerful than they are. Secondly they are a much higher percentage of the younger population numbers so again they believe this actually gives them more overall power. To top it all off pretty much anywhere they have any number above 5% they are given complete control and anything they ask.

    So from their point of view it seems reasonable they can get everything they want.

  2. No; it won't make anyone think more of them. That's not what these people want. They want more free stuff. They know that, by bitching, complaining, and screaming "RACIST!" they'll garner political sympathy, much like the illegal immigrants did when they blocked freeways, waved Mexican flags, and ground Los Angeles to a stop while they yelled "Si se puede! (Yes you can!).

    This is the racism industry. Millions make billions off of it, while others are millionaires outright… One is president! This has nothing to do with equality. It has everything to do with wanting to grab one final brass ring before the racist in chief leave the White House!

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