Not sure what bothers me more……

The fact that Menards thinks they can sell 8″diameter/9 inch high logs for $9.99….

Or that I saw some hipster in fake work boots loading 4 into his cart.

If he is the future we are SO fucked in 20 years.

The way I figure it, my woodpile can pay off the debt of Puerto Rico and 2 other states to be named later…….

3 thoughts on “Not sure what bothers me more……

  1. You could always try selling chunks for $5 a piece, and retire early:) You do have the advantage of getting them from the source, so you can advertise them as "organic", thus being able to charge hipsters $15 a piece. Figure it is the same generation that is buying bottled water, so, I am not surprised by much anymore. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. I wouldn't trust 'em to know how to use an axe or a saw in the first place.

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