Since when does “Intent” matter?

“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” Comey told reporters in Washington, D.C

How many people are behind bars for crimes they did not “Intend” to commit?

She still allowed classified data to be placed on a non secure server. There was no doubt that she set up the server, that she used it for government business (and one wonders if she was using that server so that there were no ramifications for FOIA probes) and that she did, in fact, conduct government business, including the transfer of sensitive and classified data on the server owned and operated by herself.

While there may be no finger pointing evidence that shown intent, there was a clear failure to abide by any rules regarding government business conducted via Email…..a complete disregard for security…..

and, ultimately, she mishandled classified data. Whether she “intended” to or not.

Guilty. Charge her. Here is why. 18 USC 793 (f) Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

The US is now officially a Banana Republic.

When there is no rule of law, there is tyranny.

If thre is no rule of law, then why should the rest of us follow it?

Petreus was sacked for lesser crimes.

Can I use THIS excuse next time I get caught while driving too fast?