Didja ever notice

That the folks in the audience of a National political party convention have the same look on their faces as those that are being saved in the audience of a revival meeting?

True believers, those folks.

2 thoughts on “Didja ever notice

  1. I work with one of those mindless believers. Obama is his savior. Bernie was going to be the next one. Now it is Hillary. He reminds me of Odie the dog out of the old Garfield comics. I swear if his tongue was lolling out of his mouth, the mindless expression would be complete. The ones on the government handout side, I understand. I don't agree with them, but they want their meal ticket to continue. The fellow workers that work full time with plenty of OT, I do not understand at all. How can they buy into socialism where we put into the system all our lives to support people that do nothing, ever. I will never understand that group.

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