Before the Liberals screwed this country up

We, as a country, actually put men on the moon.

July 20, 1969.

Those three  (and the ones before thhem) had Huevos made of chilled stainless steel coated in hard crystalline bronze…..I’m surprised that they could walk, and that they didn’t “clank” when they did walk.

47 years ago, our country did what no other had done, before OR SINCE.

We did it in Feet, and miles, and pounds. Not grams and meters and kilometers.

Of course, that was before the Liberals took over, and started wasting our money on useless, ineffective Social Programs. We actually had the money for a Space Program. Now, we choose not to.

(Yes, I know JFK was a Democrat, but he was more conservative than our most Conservative Republican today.)

They made Men back then.

They make ’em like that today, but the liberals and the PC crowd hobble them so we can’t see them today.