Looks like it is gonna be SIG:

Was shopping and saw the Sig 1911. Nice gun. Pricey though.

Full size.


Adjustable night sights.

Price (list) is very salty, but they offered me a really really decent discount.
Price was below what I could buy it through my club, even.

Total was about the same as what I could build a Caspian for (actually less…it is the little parts that kill you there. The Frame/slide barrel is bad enough, but then each other part costs you $25/$50/$70…the total is a lot of cash. Plus no fitting of parts for me…. Barrel to bushing, slide to frame, sear to trigger…disconnector…. grip safety…safety. all fitted by SIG. Trigger strut. Leaf spring. …Too much fitting….and no warranty, really
Gah. For the same (or actually about 35% less) cost, I get one of THESE  from SIG….no work to put together and make it work…..with a lifetime warranty  . Of course, I have several Para brand pistols with a lifetime warranty…..except they are out of business part of Remington. Which means no parts except aftermarket and no service, really. So the “lifetime warranty is only as long as SIG doesn’t go bankrupt. Which they probably won’t. At least not in the near future….

And those of you pushing Kimber? I looked a ’em. Fit and finish, not so great quality not what they once were. Better than the Remington, but not better than the Sig. Or  better even than the Colt. Sad…. Kimber was once a fine brand. Now? I dunno. I seriously doubt that the Kimbers or the Remingtons I looked at will go 10,000 rounds without failing…(I have several 1911’s that have passed that mark).  I could be wrong, but probably not. (to be fair, I consider springs and extractors to be wear parts, really.) But other parts should last well past 10K without failing. And I doubt those brands will. .Nor, likely will a lot of “major” brands. (see also, Taurus and Ruger….and others. ) I have a Rock Island that has gone over 14K, but that is unusual… And 10K rounds is a little over 5 years for me. Quality guns last, others don’t.

My new gun is supposed to be here Thursday.  We will see.

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