I figure that the Donald won

As of last night about 2 AM….

Once it came out that it was an Islamic Terrorist that did the killings, he is likely a winner.

Hillary is blaming the guns, and the lack of “common sense gun control”….But the killer was a licensed Security Guard (Background Check) had purchased a firearm in the week previous from an FFL (NICS Check) Concealed Carry holder (Background Check) and had been checked out by the FBI several times in the previous years.
All of which prove that these checks do nothing.

If Trump can find a way to articulate the issue….Islamic Radicals/Unhindered immigration….then he can win here, without dancing in the blood of the victims.

2 thoughts on “I figure that the Donald won

  1. Trump was the only candidate who suggested stopping Muslim immigration.

    Maybe more will say something now, but their words are just noise. One was out in front of the problem, the others are just followers.

    I agree with your analysis, but it'll be a chore for Trump to overcome the Clinton machine and its noises and distractions.

  2. Yep, as long as he doesn't blow it some other way… sigh

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