Can’t stand the little drama queen

Having said that, he (or she, depending on her (his) mood) has an excellent idea:

Help gay people find (and get) firearms training.

I will say this. I am in Northwest Indiana. If you are in need of training, or just want to explore firearms, I will teach you for free. Gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, (other) I really don’t care. I am a certified NRA instructor and will teach you for free. If you want to use the NRA materials and get a certificate I will only charge what they charge me.

Contact me at [email protected]

4 thoughts on “Can’t stand the little drama queen

  1. The closest one is at Lombard. if I am gonna spend $350, I'd rather spend it at your club. Get some nice grips with that 1911? Now you got a "Normal" one I could hook you up.

  2. This is the third "normal" 1911 I own. plus the two 3" plus the 4" plus the 3.5 inch.

    I am partial to the double diamond wood grips. hard to beat for grip.

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