So I like McDonalds coffee. I like their hot chocolate too.

I really like them mixed together.

So once a week or so I go to a McDonalds, order a small black coffee (8 oz), order a small hot chocolate (8 oz) and ask them to make the hot chocolate in a large cup and top it of with the coffee (16 oz)…

Almost invariably, with one exception (and this includes managers) they make a small hot chocolate in a small cup (measured and dispensed by a machine, mind you, all they do is push a button for “small hot chocolate) then they pour a small cup of coffee and then pour each of those into a large (16 oz) cup.

Apparently, (with one exception) these folks cannot understand that 8 plus 8 equals 16……so they waste two cups.

It is as if the idea of any innovation is beyond them.

But they think they are worth $15 per hour.

Most of the ones I see ain’t worth $3 per hour.

Oddly, When I (and my friends) worked for minimum wage (admittedly a LONG time ago), I (we) tried to learn, and excel and BE WORTH MORE so I could get paid more. Or found a job that did pay more. Demanding more money at a fast food place was an exercise in frustration…

One thought on “$15/hour?

  1. We went to the local DQ yesterday. The wife ordered a hot dog. The girl said they don't have hot dogs. She said they have a chili cheese dog. (I wish I was making this up.) I said then give her a chili cheese dog dog withoutthe chili and without cheese. She stared at me. She stared at the register. She stared at me some more. Then she went to get help. Finally, the two brain surgeons said my wife could get a hot dog if she ordered a kids meal.

    Clearly the idea that if a plain hot dog was not on the register, they could have put in a chili cheese dog and then walk ten feet to the cooking area and tell the cook to skip the chili and the cheese was too much thinking. hell, the cook would likely have been too confused to make a plain hot dog anyway.

    $15 and hour, you bet.

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