How do you say “Hell no!” in Italian?

Also “THe hell you say”


“You want me to do WHAT?”

and then “How much were you offering to pay me?

And then, once you have had time to think about it….

“Fuck no”.

One thought on “How do you say “Hell no!” in Italian?

  1. The inventor of soft body armor of recent history is Richard Davis. He would demonstrate it by shooting himself in the front torso with a .44mag revolver. His company was called "Second Chance". He's retired now.

    He was a bit of a showman, and this was entertaining to see IRL.
    IIRC, the first time he did this was at a large LEO meeting of Chiefs or Sheriffs, on stage in a suit. I'm told that it was a stunning demo!

    More history:

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