Drops out.

Not sure that I like the idea of a Trump prezident, but he is the best of a series of bad options.

If only the GOP had supported a winner instead of the crop of losers they offered us.

Now I gotta wonder what they are gonna do at the convention?

3 thoughts on “Cruz

  1. You would think, both the democrats and republicans would take a step back and actually take stock of what they are doing wrong. Trump has pretty well wrapped up the republican side after we rejected all the scrap they put forward from their rank and file. On the democrat side, you have a choice between an ancient self proclaimed socialist, and the Hildabeast that should be in jail for a multitude of charges. Highest office in the country and look at the offerings. Depressing.

  2. I'd rather have Trump than hills. Or sanders. Of course, I would vote for earwax over hills. Stupid monkeys.

  3. right cheek or left cheek, it' the same @$$….
    as long as ryan, bohner, reid and pelosi are writing the bills, they are running the show.
    if you are a #nevertrump member, it's time to pull your energy back local, and support and promot the most conservative and constitutional orianted candidates at the local, city, and state level. if there none, find one or run yourself. please don't just quit and sit it out. the local leaders you elect may be vital if things go south at the national level

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