Anyone have a suggestion for a decent ankle holster for a small .32 Automatic?

There are times when I simply can’t carry in a belt/waistband holster and the pants I am wearing print too heavily with a pocket holster.

The only solution I can see is an ankle holster.

I usually wear cowboy boots, if that matters.

Your suggestions are appreciated, either in comments or via Email.

3 thoughts on “Bleg:

  1. Much as it pains me to say it's hard to find a 32 smaller and lighter than Ruger's LCP in 380. And that hurts as someone who actually likes the cartridge.

  2. I'm using a Beretta Tomcat. But I still need a decent ankle holster….

  3. Have you thought about wearing mule-ear boots, with a holster concealed inside one of the boot tops? A custom boot-maker should be able to make that for you. It won't be cheap, but it'll probably be a lot more convenient to get at the gun than if you wore an ankle holster down inside the boot, or around its outside.

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