One Wonders

Poor science. Very poor.

And shame on the New England Journal of Medicine.

So the CDC has “concluded” that the Zika Virus does, indeed, cause Microcephaly. (and it might)…They have terrified nearly every woman who will have children in the near future….and all potential grandmothers too, in the hope that they will get support for their funding request.

Maybe Zika DOES cause Microcephaly…… I would hope that the researchers are smarter than I am…and not political…But as we have seen in the past, that is often not the case with the CDC.

Reading the study, I notice that the CDC has apparently abandoned that wonderful thing that I was taught in school….Science and the Scientific Method. .

It does appear that there is a possible causal relationship. Microephaly happens where the Zika virus occurs…that is the extent of the relationship between Zika and microcephaly.

But that isn’t the whole story.

Microcephaly DIDN’T occur (or occurred very seldom, the data is sketchy) until the affected countries began using insecticides heavily for the mosquitos IN THE WATER SUPPLIES. that people use for potable water. Specifically pyriproxyfen, which is (coincidentally enough) a growth inhibitor (causes malformations in insect larvae which result in them not growing to full term) for mosquitos and other insects (and maybe mammals). Zika has been in Africa for many years with no increase in microcephalic births…and in Columbia, where they don’t use pyriproxyfen, there is no increase in microcephaly, yet the Zika virus has infected over 3000 women who gave birth there….

There is just as much of a causal relationship for the insecticide as there is for the Zika virus….More, actually, because of the timing evidence.

But the CDC and other organizations are crying for funding….specifically, they say they need $1.9 BILLION dollars to cure/find a vaccine for Zika…. (Odd that they can tell us exactly how much they need, innit? Will we get a money back guarantee? )

They won’t get paid anything for research if it is the insecticide….Is there any doubt that they would claim it was the virus?

Just like the Global Warming Climate Change folks never ever ever claim that any data disproves the theory….there isn’t any money in that sort of claim…..

It IS odd that the world has been studying Zika in earnest for only a few months…yet the “scientists” claim that they are SURE about the cause of the microcephaly…. I don’t know,… the CDC may well be right and the small heads are caused by Zika and not the pyriproxyfen. But,once again, the politics involved, and the past history of the CDC in following the “correct” political trends in order to assure funding, makes this claim suspect. It is a disservice to the people to fail to investigate all links and clues. To fail to do proper research is a failure to serve the citizens of the US who are paying the bill, and to the people who are affected by this virus.