So the Saudis apparently are afraid of the truth…..or they want to rewrite history.

Saudis vow to sell US assets of over 750 Billion if 9-11 commission report is unclassified Congress finds the Saudi government was involved in 9-11…

While I doubt that the Saudi Government was officially involved, I do not doubt that there were many individuals in that government who were complicit in the attacks. Most of the Saudis I know/have met hold a deep hatred for the West and would support anyone like Bin Laden.  I have no doubt that when the opportunity arose to help make the attacks happen, there were individuals who chose to aid the conspiracy.

But the Saudi Government doesn’t want that known, I am sure. I, personally, don’t understand why the secret was kept for 15 years. It should have been shouted from the rooftops as soon as the report was finished.

I doubt there will be any surprises for me when it is finally declassified.

Why else would so many try so hard to keep the report secret?