CBS today

“The Republicans should have “Fixed” the country when they had control”

That assumes, of course, that you assume that this country was “broken”.

I don’t see that. ‘Twasn’t perfect, but wasn’t”broken”. It worked. Worked well. The majority of the people were able to make a living. Some were very rich, most weren’t Some were very poor….Most lived, for the most part, well. Yes, there were those on the edges who didn’t, either by bad luck or (generally) by bad choices. But they had a safety net.

Now,we are bringing the middle group down, by many points, in order to raise the small percentage by a point or two. And it didn’t, really, affect the affluent at all.

If anyone or anything has “broken” the country, it wasn’t the Republicans. They might not have “fixed” it, but they didn’t break it.

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  1. The US has been broken since at least 1965, and the Republicans are as just to blame as the Democrats. Mass immigration, the outsourcing of production and never ending wars that have had nothing to do with actually defending American broke us.

    Our money is worthless, good jobs are few and far between, our "leaders" are more concerned with the borders of nations on the other side of the world than they are our own. This is not the nation I grew up in during the 70's and 80's. It is now a police state thanks to both the Republicans and the Democrats. A pox upon both parties and everyone that supports them.

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