Who is behind it?

“CBS Sunday Morning” had a REALLY biased “story on the “Proliferation” of guns in America.

Biased “experts” telling us about the history of guns in America and their “influence” on our culture.

Real stories about people defending themselves…..Totally biased coverage. Using things like, when telling the story saying “And she claims that” when telling the story, in tones implying disbelief.

Look: I don’t care if you do an Op-Ed about anything. Don’t, however, disguise propaganda as news.

Thing is, I doubt that it changed anyone’s mind. Didn’t influence anyone one way or another, really. The haters still hate, and the gun people are still gun people.

All it did was erode (further) the Media’s credibility….and make me wonder who is behind it.

Especially wonder who is behind it.

2 thoughts on “Who is behind it?

  1. Bloomie? The administration??? Who knows… But for sure it's not 'us'!

  2. They obviously have never run into meth makers while working out in the hinterlands, or stopped a mugger right before he grabs a loved one, or had a thug kick in their door in the middle of the night.

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