Next time a leftist or a communist (yeah, I know, redundant) wants to speak, do we conservatives get to shout and riot and defy the police to keep ’em from speaking? Will the Mayor of Chicago keep the police on a leash and prevent them from enforcing the rule of law as was done in Chicago over the Trump incident on Friday? Or will the standards change again and will we be arrested for disturbing the peace? Will the press ignore it if we buss in hundreds of paid protesters and provide them all with shirts and signs?

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How about the next time some Allah Ackbar! type wants to speak in a mosque? Can we shout and protest (and employ violence) in order to keep him from preaching violence against the infidel? Or will the Powers decide that that is again protected free speech (as it should be) and arrest people who protest?

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  1. I'm sure all the conservatives would get misdemeanors and be sent on their way.. Not!

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