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Sensationalist journalism.

Then, from 1900 to 2000, the seas rose 5.5 inches—a significant increase, especially for low-lying coastal areas. And since 1993, the rate has soared to a foot per century.

(Of course, we are supposed to believe that there are no errors in the interpretation of the data used for the previous three millenia : “a database of geological sea-level indicators from marshes, coral atolls, and archaeological sites around the world”….. Just like there are no errors in the temperature datasets from the last century )

I guess that there isn’t any funding if you don’t say that the end of the world is NOT coming tomorrow……

2 thoughts on “lies and

  1. Basic geometry demonstrates the lie. Many coastal areas would be flooded permanently by a five inch rise in sea level and a foot per century since 1993*, would be clearly obvious to anyone. I call bullshit. Show me the beach houses with waves lapping at the steps that were formerly well back from the tide line.

    Using data for a short period to make general conclusions is idiotic. That is like saying that last thunderstorm, if it keeps raining, will bring us six feet of rain over the next month.

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