“The duties of the Senate are set forth in the US Constitution….Nowhere in that document does it state that the Senate has a duty to give Presidential appointees a vote”.
     Harry Reid, 2005

Yet now:

“We have that nasty Constitution that says that they are OBLIGATED to hold hearings and OBLIGATED to vote. “
     Harry Reid, 2016.

Odd what 11 years (and a shift in political power) does to people’s understanding of things, innit?

2 thoughts on “Contraste:

  1. Funny thing about that obligation… It doesn't state a deadline to accomplish it. Nor does it assign any penalties for being late. In effect, putting it on the calendar for 6 years from now accomplishes the purpose just as much as holding a hearing while the body is still warm. The Constitution doesn't say when it needs to be done.

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