2 to 5

That’s the odds I give for the winners in the upcoming clash between the “Soldiers of Odin” and the “Soldiers of Allah”.

First of all, there is LOTS of bluster in nearly any Islamic group of males, and very little fight.. (although those that DO fight are somewhat competent and fairly fearless, I am told). Little organization, and not much education. Plus they aren’t gonna get much support flying the ISIS flag.

Second, the Soldiers of Odin have the home turf advantage. Likely better weapons. More support from the populace. Plus Viking Blood and all that.

This shall be interesting…. I bet it happens sooner rather than later. That’s what happens when someone invades rather than assimilating.

Gonna happen here sometime too…different invaders, but no less anger.

3 thoughts on “2 to 5

  1. The sons of allah haven't had to live under decades of feminism either which in the Nordic countries makes half the daughters of Frey allies of the muslims. Until feminism is dealt with all Western groups or tribes are split and at odds with themselves and weakened terribly.

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