Pretty interesting:

2 years ago we had a REAL blizzard.

2 foot of snow in a day. . Winds about 70 MPH, Temps that fell from 35 one day to -20 F 30 hours later.

Visibility was measured in FEET. Road conditions went from so-so to VERY BAD in a few tens of minutes.

(I know, I got caught in it….spent 14 hours trapped behind a line of cars between two semis that spun out and corked up both lanes in each direction slept in the truck that night……’twas an inconvenience, but really not a big deal…. hardest part was having to go outside to pee in 70 MPH/-20 degree wind.)

Hundred of people trapped due to roads being blocked by accidents and spin outs and stuck Semi trucks. Once stopped then they were drifted in and trapped.  A real mess and the weather conditions were such that being outside was really life threatening, even with winter gear.

Never heard one word on the news media. Not One One Word.  They did talk about the roads in the City not being plowed fast enough….We chalked  our minor ordeal up to winter experiences and went on…. Winter in NW Indiana….

This year, a fairly mild and short duration snowfall, with winds in the 30 MPH range, again stopped a few drivers on some roads (mostly, again, due to Semi trucks being where they shouldn’t). Temps were in the high 20’s and winds were in the 30 MPH range 7-15 inches of snow over 10 hours… Not real dangerous conditions…..

The media is going apeshit over the situation….and how the drivers were trapped for AS MUCH AS 5 HOURS.  Interviewing a bunch of people who were, at worst, inconvenienced. “I’ve lived here for many years and I’ve NEVER SEEN IT THIS BAD BEFORE…..Which is bullshit, as it happens every year. Some much, much worse.

Must be a slow news week or something.

Our ancestors traveled across the plains with horses and oxen and canvas topped wagons in weather as bad or worse….

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  1. Yep, slow news, and the MSM doesn't want you to pay ANY attention to the man behind the curtain…

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