Lessons and Observations

I was trying to write a post on the whole Burns, Oregon thing, and kept rewriting it because It kept coming up with me sounding like a asshole (I am an asshole, but I try not to look or sound like one in public).

The one thing that I keep coming back to is this:

They went looking for a fight, and, eventually, the Feds gave ’em one. Sadly, a man died in that fight. But:  As they say: Don’t want none? Don’t bring none……

The Feds were smart enough to wait until they had moved beyond support of the Refuge, and then pounced. This enabled them to take the leaders out of the game without a prolonged firefight….They HAVE learned over the past….The FBI apparently can learn from the ATF’s mistakes over 20 years ago….

When surrounded by many men with guns, continuing to fight, or failing to cooperate, or running away is not a good option. The question isn’t, are they taking you in??, but rather in what condition are they taking you in …healthy? Bent? Broken? Dead?….Often the choice is one you and your actions make for them.

For a more intelligent, better written analysis, go HERE and read what Weaponsman has to say…

One thought on “Lessons and Observations

  1. This is an oblect lesson to that fringe "we need a revolution" mob. I don't care how many war games you play in the bush, without armor, aircraft and secure communications there is no chance against the police, forget the military. Red Dawn was a movie.

    Luckily those guys are truly a fringe.

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