2 thoughts on “Cawfee in the morning:

  1. Very Interesting!!!!
    My Mom grew up in Chicago….(from Hungarian Immigrant parents). She met my Father (from Hungarian immigrant Parents also) , married and moved down here to southeastern La. (where my Grand Father brought the family after hostilities were over in Hungary, end of WWI) Grandma came down to visit my Mom and as the story goes in the family, Grandma made some coffee….Mom tried it and said,"Mom!! This coffee is to weak!!" Grandma said,"I thought it was 'too Strong!!!'"
    SO!!!!! Black Coffee makes you "Psycho!!!!! Hahahahahaahah!! Unless you are drinkin' coffee from Southern Louisiana, yer' drinkin' "Dishwater!!"

    The part about cappin' the "latte' Lippin' Liberals" is good though!!
    Got Gunz an' Good Coffee…..OUTLAW!!!!!,

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