This could be worrisome:

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”

The question is: Is it incompetence, or malice?

FBI Stops All Appeals Of Gun Owner Background Checks

So far I have never been Denied. Flagged once and Delayed, but never was I unable to purchase a firearm (eventually).

But what if you are Denied? Currently, there is no one to whom you can appeal. No one to see if an error was made, or if there is something in their records that is erroneous.

Yer just fucked.

Now, it could be that this is just mismanagement, or this could be temporary, or it could be that a larger number of people each moth will be Denied….

One way to prevent the proliferation of guns, innit?

Yeah, I don’t trust many government officials. Many of those that aren’t WAY beyond their Peter Principal levels are just plain incompetent, or are simply doing what they are told whether it is right/just moral or not…..If they even care that much. A large percentage couldn’t hold a job in the real world without Civil Service protections or racial or gender set asides and quotas.

Having said that, their leaders are not always incompetent and sometimes have an agenda.

Which is this? Incompetence, or malice?

(Found via Wirecutter)

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  1. When in doubt, follow the money… This is all about funding.

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