So where

are the III patriots?

I mean, they have that short bus, and the mobile kitchen and all that that they solicited donations from a shitload of people to acquire…..Just for situations like THIS happening today in Oregon…yet I don’t see any of them driving there to feed the protesters.

(Just for the record, I don’t think that these folks are gonna make any difference, and really, even the Hammonds (who are going to jail) are not supportive of this protest……And committing a crime on Federal Property isn’t a good idea…it is, in fact, a really bad idea…I think about half of the leaders are agent provocateurs)

But this is exactly what those folks gave all their money for.

I mean, they posted that if you didn’t donate you weren’t a “True Patriot” and all that….(I didn’t give ’em a dime….I don’t need some keyboard Kommando to tell me whether I am a patriot or not)

for a decent overview of this incident (and lots of links) go HERE
(another, somewhat opposing view, HERE)

2 thoughts on “So where

  1. Most of the threepers I know think that this was rather stupid move.

  2. Lol, that's gonna leave a mark. By my seat of the pants estimates, it would be about a four hour drive for Sammy to get there, so that is a very good question.
    One I would hope to see get asked more often…..

    I am also thinking that this is a very bad thing to be happening.

    There is something here that stinks to High Heaven and I am going to sit back and observe until I discern what it is.

    A piss poor choice of a place to be making a stand like that for one thing and the time of year in that area for another.
    Winter is just getting started and it gets deadly cold there, already is as a matter of fact.

    Thanks much for the link!!

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