Not a bad idea:

Of course, the feminists and the liberals (two groups who, for the most part have venn diagrams that largely overlap) and the DNC (pretty much ditto) will be screaming about a “woman’s right to choose”, and “my body my choice” and “entitlements” and all their standard whooraw and such…

But really, He has a point:

Gary Johns’ suggestion that compulsory contraception ‘would help crack intergenerational reproduction of strife’ has been slammed by welfare groups

I think that (here in the US, at least), properly implemented, simple drug tests every month would do more, mind you….one fail and you are allowed rehab, two and you don’t get welfare for a year. That, I think, would work better.

But I am told that I am mean, and racist, and all that.

3 thoughts on “Not a bad idea:

  1. If I have to be drug tested to work, why shouldn't they have to be drug tested to reap the fruits oF MY labor?

  2. My thought exactly, there Old NFO.

    Besides, if they have to make a choice between getting high and getting free stuff, I think the majority will take "getting high".

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