MLK’s dream:

 (BTW, his Birthday was the 15th, but the Democrats move it around so the Government employees have an extra long weekend every year…..)…Hardly a tribute to the man when his day just becomes another day off….

So here we are….53 (actually 52-1/2) years later after his big speech on the Mall in Washington.
Is his dream alive?.

Depends. Most places, yes, it thrives. If people are willing to let it.


We bowl with a bunch of people. All races. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. It is a fun league, and we do have a lot o fun…..together. Color/race/ethnicity is not a factor in our relationships. No one really cares. The kids that run around are treated as kids. Children of all races play together…Adults of all colors watch out for those same kids.  Asshole adults are treated like assholes (they don’t stick around long)…..Content of Character is really the only judgement….No one acts like a “Yo” or an inbred cracker….everyone is a decent solid citizen. Cops from Gary mingle with firefighters from Portage who mingle with business owners from Valparaiso……all fairly well educated and who speak English. People wearing Hijabs are looked at, but are treated with courtesy and politeness…and not noticed….. like everyone else.

Same-Same at the gunshow this weekend. The folks showing and selling Nazi items were, for the most part, shunned. The crowd was mostly white, but no one cared about the other ethnicities….I didn’t see a single vendor turn anyone with cash away from a sale…. Yes, there were a lot of assholes….they were treated as such, no matter what their skin color. Decent people who acted well were treated politely. The big point here is that no one CARED what your ethnicity was. Buyers were treated like buyers….ethnicity was, for the most part, ignored. If you didn’t look (and more importantly ACT) like a gangbanger, or a skinhead, then you were not treated any differently than any of the rest of the crowd.

The point is that no one gets treated special, or differently based on skin color or ethnicity. Everyone gets treated the same.

MLK’s “Dream” may not be alive everywhere, but here in the Middle and upper class midwest, it lives and breathes.