Let’s look at one of Barry’s examples:

Zaevion William Dobson’s example, to be precise.

He’s the young hero whose corpse Barry held up  who Obama used as a prop so he could shed a tear.

Kid WAS a hero. Might have become someone according to reports…. (if he didn’t fall prey to the Black Culture that destroys so many young black men) His killer(s)? They were gang members. Probably would have looked like Barry’s sons, had he been able to sire any…..Didn’t have their guns legally. Barry’s new pronouncements would not have changed anything, were that to happen 6 months from now instead of in Mid December 2015.

If Barry really wants to fix the “gun problem” then he needs to deal with drugs, gangs, and yes, Black culture.

Blacks do more killing of each other (both with and without guns, actually) in their neighborhoods (percentage wise) than any other demographic. Hard to admit for many, especially blacks, but that is true.  They commit more crimes, and therefore encounter police officers more often than the rest of us….

Few legal gun owners commit crimes. Lots of illegal gun owners do. A fairly high percentage of those illegal gun owners are black.  Fix the illegal gun owners issue, and nearly every one of your gun problems will go away.

Unless the end goal is civil disarmament, of course.