It has begun….

At least in Finland.

Apparently, the north African “refugees” (from Syria, of course) are (and have been) misbehaving in Finland as well as Sweden and Germany….

Enter the Sons of Odin. 

Vigilantes? Perhaps. Just a gang? Maybe.

Or it could be that people are pissed off enough that their government has allowed a bunch of unemployed young men from Northern Africa who are, at best, unsuited to be in a “civilized” western society…especially with no one to teach them how to behave in their new digs. (if they ever, in fact, even knew how to behave at all, anywhere)

I think that these patrols get more support than what the Finnish government might like you to believe. But they are a symptom of the failure of the Government and the Police to fix the problem unchecked immigration has caused.

How long til the pogroms begin in Germany…..they do, you know, have a history and all….