Holee SHIT

SO again NO ONE WON the big PowerBall prize.

leaving us with a projected prize of $1.3 Billion. (yes, with a B) (I bet it goes much higher than that, actually)…

Now I gotta buy tikets again.

Sure hope I win this time. The waiting is killing me…..

ETA: this will (should he be the lucky one and all that), at least make for a bigger Island for Murph….and more warriorettes…and bigger awarships and better warplanes.

3 thoughts on “Holee SHIT

  1. I spent $40 on a variety of lottery tickets yesterday. My son was going to the store so I asked him to get me four $5 scratch offs, $5 worth of lotto, $50 worth of Mega Million and $10 worth of Power Ball. I did not win squat on the PB but won a buck on the lotto. I also hit for $30 on a scratch off; my wife still has not looked at hers. The MM has yet to be drawn. So far, a $31 return on $40 is not too bad considering I usually don't get any money back.

    I think I will go buy some Power Ball tickets with that money later today.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. If I were to win the "big" one, it would be because everyone else got the same numbers. "Here's your dollar", which means I lost a buck.

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