Hey, it’s a renewable resource….

So I’m drivin’ the Dodge Diesel today (actually delivering some used Veggie oil to a guy who uses it to heat with)

Anyway, I stop to buy my usual lottery tickets at the local gas station, and, seeing as how the truck hadn’t warmed up yet (it was 3 above F this morning when I started it) I left it run while I went in.

Some woman came in and was grumbling about the asshole letting his diesel truck “spew fumes across the landscape”…. and “burning carbon and wasting energy”. (not that she was riding a bicycle or anything, mind you….

“But it isn’t diesel” I said.

“What?” she asked

“It’s whale oil. Humpback whales, actually… I buy it by the 55 gallon barrel. Burns cleaner and it is a renewable resource”.

Kinda fun watching her face kinda screw itself up.

I smiled and left.

***I hate EnviroNazis….Especially those who like to lecture on Carbon Footprint. I’ll go against nearly anyone when it comes to carbon emissions. Unless you live in a yurt I probably have a smaller carbon footprint than you. Most EnviroNazis really don’t live the lifestyle their stated belief would suggest.

Not actually whale oil. Can’t use it in the winter….gets too thick below 30 F.

3 thoughts on “Hey, it’s a renewable resource….

  1. LOL no they don't. And those damned Prius they like so much require so much land to be churned up for their rare earth it's insane too.

    I must admit I do get a kick out of watching those guys with the big duelly sized trucks curse when fuel get's up passed the $3.00 range though 🙂 I got nothign against big trucks mind you when someone needs em but when fuel is cheap they sure want to drive them everywhere though.

  2. I actually drove a Prius. Nice car. Too low though, once I hurt my back, I couldn't drive it for more than about 15 minutes.

    I didn't buy it for the environment, I bought it to save money.

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