This cold is kikkin my ass

What I wouldn’t give for a couple of old recipe Dristan or Contac.

Damned meth cookers. Ruined it for the rest of us….

So the Feds banned cold medicine in any quantity,,,Now ya gotta show an ID to buy more than 4 or something……..and, as far as I can tell, it didn’t impact the supply of meth one tiny bit. Did inconvenience the rest of us though….

Sound familiar?

Rumor has it that Barry is gonna Do Something About Guns via executive order. Bet it works as well as cold medicine limits….

One thought on “This cold is kikkin my ass

  1. Nyquil is your friend.
    I have been sick all week too. I still can't figure out why they put that little measuring cup on top of the bottle though.
    I throw that thing away and just take a couple of big chugs.
    Twenty minutes later it's lights out!

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