So lemme see if I got this straight:

Because some people used some weapons in a manner that is illegal, everyone who owns such weapons must suffer….

Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution should be curtailed.

We should use as a litmus test a list that is arbitrary, that is generated by bureaucrats, with essentially zero right of appeal (and no notification that you are even ON the list)…. and no right to face your accuser or a trial or Due Process….
A list that the perpetrators of the last two muslim terrorist incidents weren’t on….

We need to do something about these Muslim Extremists (who are a small part of Mohammemdisn) who use a twisted interpretation of the Muslim Faith (even though they take the words of the Koran literally)…..

We have to fight ISIL, and other extremists……

But Barry failed to suggest that what we really need to do is to cut off the source of funds for these extremists…..which (mostly) come from oil revenues in the Gulf states…..
(We could easily damage those revenues by placing a surtax on all gulf oil….say a 10 or 20 percent sales tariff on oil from those origins…..)

There should be no religious test for immigrants (even though we currently make it easy for Muslims and very, very hard for Christians and Copts, who REALLY are the refugees)…..

Oh, and Assault Rifles are BAD.

Did I miss anything?

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