Not that I am complaining…

I mean, here it is, First of December and the daytime highs are in the mid 40’s…..

But this warm temperature is, oddly enough, causing me to burn a lot of gas for heating (a lot, at least, for me….)

See, at anything over 25 degrees F outside temp, it is essentially impossible to make a small enough fire in the woodstove to not have the inside of the house over 75….then one has to open a window to cool the house off…..which goes against my grain…

Waste wood? I cut stacked, split stacked, moved and restacked all that wood in the basement. I can’t accept wasting it.

So I burn natural gas….

2 thoughts on “Not that I am complaining…

  1. I hear ya. I am always loath to start em sometimes cause I know it ain't quite cold enough and once I do there is a minimum amount that needs to be put in or it all becomes a waste.

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