Food for thought::

I don’t know the reason for the massacre in San Bernadino. Maybe religious, maybe not. Maybe a planned attack, perhaps not. I dunno.

But think of this:

Most of my readers own rifles. Many of us even own “Assault” type rifles….

Most own pistols.

Most of us could leave a “Holiday Party” angry, go home and return with said firearms. (Not that any of us would.)

But how many of us have IED’s laying about?

How many of us have the PARTS for IED’s laying around?
How many of us could, in less than an hour, come up with 4 such devices?

I mean, I have maybe a half pound (or less) of FFG because I own a flintlock, but I don’t have the rest of the makins’ for an IED at hand…..much less 4 of them…..I doubt many of the rest of my readers do either.

Strange that. Almost like it was planned….

Religion of Peace? Really?

ETA: 12:45PM. There is THIS as well….”I don’t think they just ran home, put on this type of tactical equipment, came back and started shooting”

5 thoughts on “Food for thought::

  1. At least the coppers got to dress up in their Swat-Boy costumes and run around looking manly.

    Prolly just more work place violence wouldn't ya say?


  2. Yeah, they got to play "dress up". Seen that happen myself….They like to do it…so what? . Doesn't change the fact that they were the FIRST responders, and (even though you hate all cops) you have to admit that they DID go into harms way. Overly cautious, perhaps, but they didn't know what they were dealing with. so they used the tools they had to contain the issue when they could.

    I got no major issues with the way they dealt with this. You shouldn't either.

    If you do, start your own blog and tell us all about it. Don't use mine for your soapbox.

  3. Latest count is 12 pipe bombs found, plus more 'makings'… Well planned, months ahead.

  4. Not a problem pal. This is the last comment I'll ever post on your blog.


  5. Thanks Moe. I do appreciate it. Sorry if yer pissed off, but I am tired of you using MY blog to trash cops in nearly every comment you make here.

    Have a nice life….

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