SO where are all the protestors

and the Black Live Matter folks…Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

I don’t hear Barry Obama saying “If I had a Son, He’d look a lot like Tayshawn”.

Why? Why aren’t they here on the South Side of Chicago Protesting and rioting and looting to protest the brutal murder of 9 year old Tayshawn Lee?

Because he was killed on the South Side of Chicago….and because Daddy is a gang banger and he was likely killed in retaliation for something Daddy did…

And we can add to that question why they aren’t protesting the killing of aspiring model Kaylin Pryor….a young girl who likely had found a way out of the hood…..Killed in a driveby in Englewood…

Chances are that the only race in these incidences is Black on Black…so the B.L.M. folks ignore it.

I guess only SOME black lives matter.

2 thoughts on “SO where are all the protestors

  1. Only the ones that are shot by whites… or so it seems… sigh

  2. Black lives only seem to matter if they were killed by white police officers during the commission of a crime. If another black criminal kills them, then it's the NRA's fault, according to the current narrative.

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