So only some lives

are worth protesting when they are ended:

Here we have two black children:

Both live in Chicago.

One, Tyshawn Lee, a 9 year old boy, killed by a black man who was a rival gang member to his father. (which everyone in the community knew, just waited for the police to make an arrest….)

The other, 17 year old Laquan McDonald killed by a white police officer.

Now, Tyshawn (the 9 year old) was doing nothing, was killed because of who his father was. Shot 7 times. Executed for revenge against his daddy.

Laquan (the 17 year old) was high on PCP, vandalizing cars, and was carrying a knife in his hand when confronted by officers. refused to drop the knife, and was shot 16 times.

Protests for Laquan. Marches and vigils. ‘Cause white cop. (and excessive force, perhaps)

No protests for Tyshawn. Black man killed him, so he Don’t Matter

Odd that.

The only thing I can figure is that there are racist double standards in the black community. White police officers don’t get a pass, but black gang members do….