If yer a cop, you can get away with shooting someone in the back…sometimes.

Now, the best way not to get shot by a cop is not to run from them, and not present a threat….

Comply with the officer’s orders.

Usually that works.

Sometimes not. David Kassick apparently ran and that led, ultimately, to his demise…

I wasn’t there, and I didn’t see the whole thing and I wasn’t on the jury that acquitted Officer Lisa Mearkle of murder.

From the piece of video I saw at THIS link, I don’t think I could have acquitted her though.

I saw an officer shoot a man who, at that time, presented no threat. I heard her screaming and her orders were somewhat incoherent.

If that were you or me or any non-police gun owner, we’d have been tried for murder. And would be in prison for murder right now.

I’d like to hear the members of the Jury explain their decision. Perhaps they saw evidence that the rest of us didn’t….

5 thoughts on “If yer a cop, you can get away with shooting someone in the back…sometimes.

  1. Why was she acquitted? Simple. The DA charged her with murder, with no lesser-included options for the jury to consider. Breaking it down simply, a murder conviction requires a showing of actual malice or intent. Now had they been allowed to consider a lesser negligence-based charge like manslaughter, the outcome probably would have been different. Thank the DA there, not the jury.

    As to your comparison between what would happen to YOU vs. a police officer…apples and oranges. You, as a private citizen, are not sent on behalf of the community to resolve problems with violent or out-of-control individuals. You had the option–and often a duty–to retreat when challenged. Different situations = different standards. You as a private citizen should never find yourself in a situation like many police officers do routinely: faced with a combative, non-complaint individual that you must subdue and detain. Now did this officer do their job correctly? Without more information, I'm thinking not. Sometimes the wrong people get on that job, especially in this day of PC hiring practices and watered-down training designed to protect the fragile egos of candidates who will cry and sue if talked to harshly by training instructors. But again, that's the sissy society that we've created and we're all responsible for that.

  2. "if your not in control you're being controlled"

    Only recourse,,,,we gotta blast um….

    Protect and Serve

    This shit has gotta stop!


  3. Moe, with all due respect, you seem to understand less about law enforcement than anyone I've encountered on the internet in a while. You keep saying "protect and serve" like you expect police officers to bring you a latte or something. I'm thinking that you're not quite clear on what form that protection of and service to the community takes.

  4. SHooting a man who is offering no threat is murder, no mater if the shooter is a cop or not.

    Had you shot me when I was laying down and presenting no threat, that would be murder in the eyes of the law….no matter what I had done prior to the shooting. I could have murdered your mother and yet, if I were no threat at the time of the shooting, you would still be charged with murder.

    The cop shot an unarmed, non-resisting man.


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