And sometimes, Justice starts to happen:

These town Marshalls are held under $1,000,000 bail in the shooting death of that 6 year old boy in Louisiana….Charged with second degree Murder.

The father is still in the hospital.

Bodycam video purportedly shows the father, Chris Few, had his hands up when the Marshalls opened fire, killing his son, 6 year old Jeremy Mardis, in his car seat. 

If true, then they should be jailed for life. As Murphy points out, cops have a bit more latitude because of their job. The other side of that is that they should be held to a higher standard of behavior and even harsher punishment for wrongdoing….

It will be interesting to see what the investigation brings….But I find it interesting that the State Police arrested them, and the local District Attorney wants no part of this case….

3 thoughts on “And sometimes, Justice starts to happen:

  1. I saw somewhere that one of the shooters is the DA's kid.
    That was two hours and seventy two tabs ago, I'm sure you could find it though.

  2. There IS more to this story… The question is, will it come out?

  3. This case aside, in general, POLICE shootings are judged in a court under the standards set forth in Graham v. Connor, which creates a balancing test to determine if a shooting was lawfully justifiable. This only applies to police officers though, and it's why you cannot compare police officer-involved shootings with regular citizen shootings. As a citizen, you do not have the same duties and responsibilities that a police officer has, and the courts recognize this.

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