Mebbe we should try that here:

Starting with General Motors and other “Bailed Out” businesses (like a lot of banks and other financial institutions) that are “too big to fail” where the bail out had cost the government (and thus we taxpayers) money….

Seems that the government in Iceland has not only jailed some major players (26 of ’em, in fact) in their banking industry for their role in the 2008 banking crisis, but is also taking over the assets of the banks involved…and selling them at a profit and distributing those assets to the taxpayers that had to fund their failures. If only we could do that here is the US….or at least hold these CEO’s responsible and under the gun until the bailouts have been repaid in full.

Seems to me that it should be the above, or burning at the stake….

One thought on “Mebbe we should try that here:

  1. What is amazing is, the conservative base has known and screamed about the bias of the leftist media for the past 7 years, is the RNC just naïve or is it much more are they complicit? Are "our" rinos
    really liberals coming out of the closet.

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