For those in Northern Indana

Or willing to travel to Nothern Indiana for a decent collectors gunshow (not much Tupperware nor Evil Black Rifles…but many military rifles and other collectibles) Then be aware that the Nappannee Gunshow is this Saturday.

Apparently, they have rebuilt the exhibit hall that collapsed due to snow last spring.

Find the intersection of Rt 6 and Rt 31. Go east  about 15 miles. Find Tomahawk Trail, turn north…look for the parked buggies and enter the gunshow.

Standard gunshow rules apply.

If you are hungry, the restaurant just south of the gunshow has an excellent breakfast buffet for like $8.00. All you can eat bacon, sassage, biscuits (and gravy!) eggs, pancakes, french toast etc.

Plus all you can eat bacon.

One thought on “For those in Northern Indana

  1. The comment on their site seems to indicate they're having the show in one of the "Mall" buildings. Which is not a bad thing. I'm so broke I can't pay attention, and I'm gonna take a pass, this time.

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