SO some kid gets pulled over….maybe a good stop, maybe not. Pulled over for flashing the cop top point out his brights were on?

But when he gets smart with the officer, AND THEN FIGHTS WITH THE OFFICER, he ends up shot. Ventilated 7 times. (after being tazed and other attempts to subdue him, mind you).

Watch the video. The family is making a big deal out of this, filing a wrongful death suit…I think the cop was in the right.

As Murph points out so often, sometimes you are better to comply and file a complaint later. Sadly, this was one of those times.

6 thoughts on “Darwin

  1. First, getting pulled over for flashing your lights is ridiculous.

    After that, the kid was in the wrong at every step. The cop was polite and even explained why we was moving to the next steps, even offering the kid a way out several times.

    Does anyone know why the officer refused to show his badge? The local news recommended motorists ask to see a badge during a recent spate of police impersonator incidents.

  2. I agree, the base reason for the stop was bogus….But after that, the kid did just about everything possible to end up dead.

  3. I was getting ready to post on this one. Cop could have and should have handled it better, but all that goes out the window when the punk attacks him.
    You'd think he'd have learned the lesson from Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown: Attacking people who have guns can be hazardous to your health.

  4. The cop should never have touched his weapon in the first place. PERIOD. The cop was in the wrong with every thing he did. From the stop, his arrogant attitude towards a citizen, to his demand that the citizen lay on the ground.

    It is well past time we started disarming government employees. Citizens should be armed, not the King's men.

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