It was bound to happen eventually:

Police officers enter wrong home.

Police officer shot, dog killed, homeowner shot. 

Luckily, no one was killed….so far.

Now, the police were doing their job….they had to investigate the call. But entering the home? (they claim they announced themselves, but who knows?) Who knows what the owner of the home heard….perhaps he was sleeping. Either way, that was a bad move. Better to knock and let the homeowner invite them in.

Entering a home (and then shooting the dog) is NOT a good idea. Any of us might well have done the same…I’m not saying the officers were in the wrong, but it sure looks that way. I might well have shot at people who entered my home at night and shot my dog….in the dark, the homeowner may well not have identified them as police.

This is a tragedy. Luckily, there was no work for the coroner.

ETA: Apparently, it wasn’t the homeowner who did the shooting, but rather a fellow officer who shot the cop…..

2 thoughts on “It was bound to happen eventually:

  1. or just fear and stupidity and lack of training….

    But if you are in my home after dark, unannounced, might happen to you too….

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