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Since the first rule is “Bring a gun” I am looking for a pocket pistol…I have, as my daily carry, (and wherever legal) depending on where I will be and the gun friendliness of the places I will be, one of the following:

General daily carry:  Para LDA 3″  It is a .45 1911-oid… is stainless. This is a 3″ 1911 shaped (and manual of arms) firearm with a really long, but smooth and light double action trigger. Nice, but not as concealable as:

Social carry: Beretta 3032 Tomcat. Yeah, I know a defensive gun is supposed to have a caliber beginning with a “4” and all that….and a .32 isn’t a real caliber … But I can’t always carry a .45 in some social situations, or for instance, when I am doing something like bowling or such….And modern loads for the .32 ACP approach the .380 in stopping power…not much, but a whole lot better than a sharp word….(if I could buy a Beretta model 86 today, in stainless, I’d buy one)

Around home/working in the yard, etc: A Taurus TCP in .380 ACP (is there any other size?). It is a last ditch thing, but the pistol is durable, tolerant of dirt and sweat, and is easily concealed and doesn’t move around…and is easy to secure with an IWB holster and a belt, even when I am doing things like splitting wood or fixing a piece of machinery….If I am in the barn, there are other close at hand options. If I am out in the yard, well, again, better than a stick…

One thing that is very important to me in all of these guns is resistance to corrosion….I have sweat that eats carbon steel like acid. Anything carried IWB has to be either stainless or resistant to corrosion or it will be pitted in a week and inoperative in a month. Seriously.

I am looking at the DAO Bodyguard .380….anyone have any experience with this firearm? Durability, resistance to sweat, dirt, etc? Reliability? Other observations?  Holster options for Concealed Carry?

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  1. DeSantis's Nemesis is a better pocket holster than the Uncle Mike's. If mu UM ever starts to fall apart, I will replace it with the DeSantis.

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